A1 Aqua - Welcome!

A1 Aqua - Welcome!

Hello everyone!


Welcome to the new blog of the store!  I just wanted to start a blog about the store, how it started, and the products we offer.

My name is Spencer and I started the store to bridge the gap of getting quality Reefing products to the hobbyists in my area. Being a hobbyist in Edmonton I often found I had a hard time getting the products I wanted, or being told they simply weren’t available in my area (Edmonton, Alberta , Canada).  So I set out to help people like myself to obtain the products they were looking for.  I decided to start an online store with a local pick up option. A1 Aqua was born.

In the infancy stages of the store we are happy to offer a few key brands that I feel are great additions. We are always looking to add more high quality, reputable brands to our line.

A1 Aqua offers high quality products such as Orphek LED lighting, Bashsea products, Milwaukee instruments and the list is growing.  

Aside from selling dry goods, it is my goal to provide a place where people can feel comfortable shopping, inquiring, learning and ultimately making an educated purchase of a quality product. 

thank you everyone for your patronage and support!


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