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AquaChar is the only naturally processed, organic compound - carbon Bio media, specifically engineered for pond and aquarium use.AquaChar is a hand-crafted, batch process which allows to ensure the quality and consistency needed for long-term biological use.Different that other forms of carbon, such as 'Activated Carbon', Aquachar is fully renewable, it naturally buffers PH, and also seconds as a massive landscape for beneficial bacteria.


AquaChar works for several months: Effective lifespan of AquaChar is typically 3-6+ months depending on bio-load. When particles appear, add the new dose to existing AquaChar to increase your waste management!

AquaChar can replace bio-media: We integrate the same technologies used in ceramic bio-media only AquaChar uses carbon carbon to actively deliver food to biological microsites. Adding new while rinsing the old provides a stability hard to maintain in a closed loop system.

AquaChar naturally buffers pH: Slowly increases pH over the first few weeks, typically finding stability between weeks 2-4. Most customers see a pH of 7.5-7.8 in freshwater and 8.0-8.4 in saltwater. Aquariums with buffered substrates and certain types of rocks will have minimal impact.

AquaChar has a negative ionic charge: The cause of most water clarity issues is Dissolved Organics – which are positively charged. AquaChar magnetically attracts fine particulates, creating crystal clear water within hours.

This creates a smorgasbord: The natural substructure of the fiber and vascular system of trees is preserved in AquaChar. Creating massive surface area for the internal and external colonization of microorganisms.

Which creates a “waste management system”: The larger size and internal porosity creates a biological microsite for nitrifying and decomposing microorganisms to break down organics efficiently. A more on demand consumption of organics stabilizes ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

Extends time between glass cleaning: Slow-released hydroxides combine with adsorption of free-floating algae reduces time it takes for algae to re-establish on interior surfaces.

AquaChar is a handcrafted, batch process made from recycled and sustainable natural resources. Each batch is carefully monitored to ensure premium quality and consistency.

Usage and Dosing Instructions

Most common implementation is our mesh bag closer to the return of a hang-on-back, cannister, or sump filtration.

Appropriate mesh size allows flow and easy monthly maintenance.

AquaChar may initially float but sinks as it fills with organics and bacteria.

AquaChar also works well in a reactor to control flowrate.

Low-to-moderate flow; slow enough to allow interaction with the water but fast enough to push larger organics through.

If needed, temporarily increase flow once a month to push larger organics and free unused porosity.


Recommended dosing is one (1) cup (237mL) per 50-60 gallons ( approx. 200L) of water.

Maintenance addition can be ½ the recommended dosage.

Add new to the existing every 3-6+ months (as needed) to maintain clarity and boost biological balance & stability.

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