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Orphek Natura Reef LED

Orphek Natura Reef LED

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Orphek LED’s brand new fixture, packed full of ground breaking and industry leading features! 

  • Groundbreaking Sun & Moon Synchronization
  • Exceptional Easy setup & Plug and Play technology
  • Game-changing Orphek 6 watt Mixed Colors Dual-Chip Power LEDs. /New proprietary reflectors
  • The jaw-dropping widest blue spectrum ever achieved.
  • Maximum photochemical efficiency & blending perfection.
  • Unmatched 10,000% dimming control technology.
  • Best spectrum by day (Helius)/ The only and real moonlight spectrum & cycle with full progressive dimming capacity in all channels.
  • Designed to last.
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Waterproof power extension cord
  • Cables made of steel (hanging kit)
  • High quality, high efficiency, longest durability 6w Mixed Colors Dual-Chip power LEDs
  • Optimal heat dissipation providing excellent thermal solution for heat management



Length: 14.45” (367mm)

Width: 7.95” (201.9mm)

Height: 1.81” (46mm)


Light unit weight: 7.05 lbs (3.2kg)

Power supplier weight: 2.2 lbs (1.0kg)

Package dimension/Weight

Length: 18.3” (465mm)

Width: 10.8” (275mm)

Height: 6.3” (160mm)

Package gross weight: 12.13 lbs (5.5kg)


Power extension cord with waterproof connector from light unit to power supply total:

112” (2.85m)

Power cord: 59” (1.5m)

Hanging Kit

2 steel cables: 8.27” (210mm)

1 steel cable: 39.37” (1.0m)


Mean well driver model: HLG-150H-48A

Input voltage: 100-240VAC / (277VAC for North America only)

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Power consumption 145-150W

PF (power factor): 0.97

Input current: 0.7A (277V) / 1.7A (100 – 240V)

Output voltage: 48V DC

Output current: 3.2A

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