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Orphek OR3 Refugium / Grow LED bar

Orphek OR3 Refugium / Grow LED bar

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Orpheks NEW OR3 Grow light Bar with Dual chip 5w LEDs

Wide orange red and infra red spectrum (580nm-780nm)

Peak Emission 680nm ± 10nm

Red LED 680nm is more effective in photosynthesis because both the photosystems (PS I and PS II) absorb light of wavelengths in the red region (680nm).

Infra-red 730nm LEDs- Chlorophyll f – a rapid energy transfer occurred from red Chl a to Chl f  in the PS I and PS II complexes.

Orphek OR3 bars utilize a Dual chip 5w LED chip, while still having the same intensity of the industry standard 3w chip, running at 50% they are more resistant to higher heat, and offering the highest PAR longevity.  this produces a product that has minimum loss over the years. 

And more…

Orphek research team has developed OR3 LED Grow Light Bars that will render:

  • Controlled environmental conditions
  • Perfect spectral distribution
  • Optimized plant productivity and quality a year round

Orphek OR3 LED Grow Light Bars offer the most effective spectrum for photosynthesis, excelling in promoting growth, development and photomorphogenesis control of plants.


Available in 4 sizes to suit your needs:

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